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Descriptions taken from farms in database
1Farms main direction is beef farming. Many works are made together with partners and neighbors. We are also taking care of the coastal meadows. Workers and people are young.
2We are a small family owned self-sufficient company. Farm engaged in organic farming, from raw material up to finished goods. Koplimäe ecological stone mills make a traditional healthy meal, flour, semolina and bran. Hostess fond hands produces delicious breads and cookies. Here You can taste the best locally made farm ice cream. Wwoofers can help and improve their skills in the vegetable garden, with fruits and berries, as well as in everything that relates to the produstion of cereals to baking. Wwoofers can join to the organic market in Kuressaare. On the free time you can use bicycle, nearby there is Koigi bog with hikingtrack.
3Organic farming is our lifestyle. Housewife is Meeli, Host Raivo. We have small farm with cows, sheep, chicken, vegetables and berry garden, in total 40 hectares. We produce quark and sõir (traditional Estonian cheese). Volunteers can help all around the farm and we also need help in building. Very close there is a bog where you can hike as well as Endla naturepreserve is close.
4Beef farming, 30 animals. Favourite animal is horse. Renovating old farmhouse.
5We are a young family where are three small children, 5 scottish highland beefs and two big dogs. We are 80km from Tallinn next to sandy beach area. We are active in local community and are growing vegetables, fruits and berries.
6Family farm in Võru county. Mainly growing organic rye and oat. Father and son has together 400 hectares of land of which 130 hectares is organic. They also grow vegetables and fruits for family consumption. Farm takes also tourist to have seminars, camps or organizes canoing trips. Volunteers can get to know organic grain production secrets, can help maintaining fields, help in the vegetable garden or work with tourists. There are different works for different seasons.
7Organic farm since 1996. Seasoning- and medicinal herbs, vegetables, lambs, chickens. Herbsgarden, I teach growing, handling, using. Rare plants in Estonia like Physalis, aubergine.
8Farm grows organic vegetables, also some berries and apples. We like to prepare conserves of what we grow and to offer them also to the others. We also take organic food regularly to closer bigger town Tartu, Tallinn, Talu tegeleb maheköögiviljandusega, veidi on marju ja õunu. Kasvatatust meeldib hoidiseid teha ja neid võib-olla ka teistele pakkuda. Viime ka Tartusse ja Tallinnasse huvilistele mahetooteid.
9Farm is situated in South-Estonia and the main activity is producing and selling ecological food. As there is too few workforce then the animal farming is ended. Now there is only vegetable growing in ecologically clean way. We grow vegetables, potatoes and hay.
10We are an organic sheep farm in Viljandimaa with 350 heads (in the summer about 800 heads). There's also two dogs, some cats and 3 adults - Mirja, Madis and Karen. Help is needed all year around, and especially in obstetric period (time when sheep have lambs), when volunteer can help feeding and taking care of the lambs.(March-May). In addition to sheep farming we are making handicraft and growing vegetables and berries for our own usage. On your free time you can go hiking in the nearby forest to see a reconstructed bunker where a few people used to hide out at the time of soviet union. Also you can visit the town Viljandi.
11Mainly we deal with lamb farming, about 3500 heads. Additionally we grow vegetables and herbs. There are also chicken, geese and turkeys in the farm. The farms situates near small river, where we have good living conditions for volunteer and good bus traffic.
12Farm has 35 ha of grassland and 20 ha of forest. At the moment we have 5 horses, since spring we will have beef cattle. For our own use, we grow potatoes and other vegetables, berries and fruits. We have also 10 bee families and chicken. Father teaches with part time gardening and bee keeping in local vocational school. Volunteers can help in wide range of works, also depending on the time of year. On the free time volunteers can get to know the island Hiiumaa.
13Kleine Gärtnerei im NW Estlands sucht Mitarbeiter für Erdarbeiten. Inhaber 1949 in Hamburg geboren, Agronom mit Fachgebiet Kompostierung, seit 1995 in Estland.
14Three years ago we started producing. we have taken meat animals. Growing vegetables on 1,5ha. Growing grain seeds. While cultivating we are using a one furrow system which is quite unique.
15We are a family with 4 children. We started with organic farming in 2005. We have a herd of 130 sheep at the moment and 3 sheepdogs to protect them. We have 125 hectares of land at our disposal, larger part of which is grassland. We are also growing some vegetables - mostly potatoes, carrots and onions. As of January 2009 we have also some goats - so if there is a surplus of milk I make different cheeses. You can help us with mowing the lawn, weeding potatoes, building and maintaing fences and other tasks that come up. You will definitely learn how to milk goats and get some basic cheese making knowledge. In autumn we harvest potatoes and vegetables and sort them. In the winter the work is mainly with the sheep - feeding and monitoring during lambing. I welcome joyful volunteers with a will to work, initiative and courage to express their thoughts and ideas. In the kitchen there is lot´s of self-service.
16Farm is actively growing organic vegetables on 0,3ha. Mainly pumpking, water melon, melon and berries on 4,5ha. In overall there is an arable of 10ha. Plantation is established in a year 2002 and farm is registered as organic farm since 2009.
17Männisalu is a small farm, which is not engaged with the sale of farm products. A large part of the activities is related to folklore and huge dendropark, sacred ritualplaces inside it. We have horses and around 20 ha of fields to take care, large garden. We pick the herbs from forests and fields to make tinctures. Männisalu on väiketalu, mis ei tegele talusaaduste müügiga. Suur osa tegevusest on seotud folkloori ja dendropargiga, selles olevate kultusplatsidega. Meil on hobused ja hooldame ca 20 he põllu ja karjamaad, suur aiamaa. Korjame metsast ja põldudelt ravimtaimi tinktuuride tegemiseks.
18In our farm there are two farms - first one has everything connected to animals (cows, sheeps, gooses, coneys, etc), other one (Paudi) functions as forest farm, where grows potatoes and other vegetables.
19We are young family with 7 children. From 2007 we have had an organic farm. At the moment we have beef cattle of 70 heads, which we have plan to enlarge. We also have two dogs and children have a year old Shetlands pony. We are using about 200 ha land, which of most is grassland. We also grow crops, potatoes and vegetables. In addition to that, we have 30 ha forest. In the summer we often go to the forest to pick berries and mushrooms. We need help with renovating old log-house, gardening and landscaping jobs, weeding potatoes and vegetables, fencing, taking care of forest plantation, and other on-going jobs. In the autumn, we take and sort potatoes. We hope that the volunteers are cheerful, possess a great enthusiasm and will to work as well as courage to express their thoughts and suggestions. The farm is 120 meters from a lake called Korijärv. It is possible to use boat, canoe and bicycles. Our hobbies include hunting, fishing swimming and skiing. The closest neighbours live a kilometre away, the closest shop is 14 kilometres. The closest town is Antsla, about 14 kilometers.
20Farm mainly grows vegetables and in winter months also we are doing firewood. In the future we are planning to grow berries and tourism - camping.
21Smaller household with beekiiping
22We are a family that moved to Saaremaa last year to follow our dream of living a green and harmonious life in the countryside. Fiona is British, Tomas is Swedish/Estonian and we have 3 young children and 4 cats. We would love to meet you and have you help.
23We are a young family with two kids. We have various projects going on in the countryside but mostly building and renovation works. Some help in the garden is also appreciated. Currently we are renovating an old farmhouse in the idyllic village of Leedri in western Saaremaa.
24We are a family who started 2010 growing goats. Current year we have 30 goats for milking and same amount of yeanlings(young goats). This year we start maiking cheese in the dairy. You can help grazing, feeding, milking the goats and processing the milk.
25We have been growing organic plants for 6 years in small scale and are planning to enlarge the production. Need help with picking weed, harvesting and drying.Allround help actually.
26We are so collad a small village in Estonia, where people with and without special needs live and work together on a bio-dynamic farm. On the farm (120 ha)are milking cows, pigs, chickens and sheep. We grow our own grain, fruit, herbs and vegetable
27Farm is a cooperation of five finnish and estonian partners. Main activities are producing vegetable seeds and apples. In the future is planned animal growing
28Young ecological farm looks for helpers for the apple picking period(second part of the september). All the interested people are waited
29I grow herbal and medical plants, vegetables, berries and apples. Additionally, I grow naturally clean bakery and herbal plants. There is no internet in the farm.
30Farm is located near the powerful Akste ant country, between Vaste-Kuuste and Ahja. Farm is beeing renovated and two buildings are already done. In a smaller buldings we have sauna, WC, TV, Internet.
31In our ecological farm we are growing beef cattle, milking cows, coats and chickens for eggs. A bit of course also potatoes, carrots and everything what comes from the ground. Land we can use for 140ha, part of it is nature protection area. Protected area we take care if it is possible. Organic butter, home made ice cream and other healthy products are made in the farm.
32Farm has dairy cows for milk and beef cattle for beef and chicken. We grow grains, potatoes, vegetables. River is 2 km from farm. Small creek that also suits for swimming is 500 m from farm. The location is very beautiful by nature.
33Welcome to our organic sheep farm! It is located in South Estonia, about 50km from city Tartu in a lovely hilly landscape. Buses from Tartu come to 50 meters from our farm. Our farm´s main activity is growing black-head sheep (about 150 heads). At the moment we are using approx. 100ha of land. Additionally we are growing potatoes and several other vegetables (garlic etc.) and welcome guests and tourists. Our family lives part-time in Tartu and part-time in country farm. Farm´s main building was built in 1919 and is an example of Estonian farm mansion architecture with its size, height, porch etc. Sheep growing in farm began at year 2008. We have built 2 production buildings since then and 3rd is under construction. We have lots of new and old technics (6 tractors, mainly older etc.) - if you´re interested in such things, here is lots to see!
34We are a family with 4 kids. We are building our guesthouse at the moment and all the help from male persons who would like to learn how to live in countryside are welcome. For the girls its only garden and maybe playing with kids (ages 4, 7, 8, 16) and one small dog. In 2016 we are working also hard in our garden. Help needed from June 2016. We are located next to small town called Türi. Easy to come and go to Tallinn by train, 1,5 hours.
35Farm is growing animals and developing country tourism.
36Main purpose of my farm is landscape management. 14 sheep are taking care of alvars and forest pastures. I am a landscape architect and have a big garden in natural style (flowers, vegetables and herbs). The farm is situated on Hiiumaa in a very beautiful place near the sea and a port (1,5 km).
37We have established the farm in 2007. Because of the farmers illness, there has been a suspension in the development, but at the moment the farm runs again and we have grapes on 0,5ha. Also we have a selection of vegetables. Shower in the house.
38Farm situates in South-Estonia, near hilly Haanja area. Our main activities are sheep cattle and rye growing. Estonian traditions are important in the farm and therefore we prepare bread with leaven and white bread in a special bucket. All what we prepare in a farm is possible to taste and also to buy with.
39Text in English
40Jim and I have been living in the forest since March 2013 and love it! We are 100% off-grid and are enjoying the challenges that this brings. We are located in Estonian pine forest - Lahemaa Natural Park, 1km from the sea. We are energetic, nature and animal lovers, and would love to host happy, motivated people who have interest in sustainable living. We are happy to share what we know and learn from you!
41We are a young Estonian-Canadian couple who just acquired a small old farm property in the Deep South of Estonia which we are slowly restoring back to its original beauty. We are surrounded by forests which we share with deer, moose, wild boar, foxes and
42Asume Piusa jõe ürgorus vanas kõrtsitalus. Valmistame puitsindleid,katuselauda,savikrohvi,meil on väikene saekaater.Tegeleme vanade majade elustamisega.Meil on üks ratsastatud eesti hobune.Toitu kasvatame kahes kasvuhoones ja aiamaal.Ümberringi hääd seene-ja marjametsad.
43Text in English
44A small family farm near Tartu, where the main area of activity is gardening. We also have hen, dogs and cats with us. Help is wanted on gardening, firewood, grass cutting etc.
45We are a small family-based organic farm. We raise a beef cattle (around 45 cows at the moment) and horses (around 25 at a time). All our biganimals live outdoors in big natural paddocks, also in winter. The beef cattle is so far only grass fed. We also have some minisheep and chicken. We are rising the number of cows year by year until we have around 120 cows in the main cattle. We have two small children (almost 3 and almost 7 months)! We have a tiny garden and some apple trees as well. The area is very beatiful right next to Piusa river Nature reserve.
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47Talu paikneb Sakala kõrgustiku ja Soomaa rahvuspargi piirimail. Selle alla kuulub 17 hektarit maad, millest 10 on mets (valdavalt sega-, kuid ka palu- ja laanemets) ja 7 ha muud maad. Meil on ka järv karpkaladega, mille ääres on ka saun. Talu eesmärgiks on hoida loodusega tasakaalu ja kooskõla, hooldades ja puhastades metsa ja ümbruskonda. Lisaks sellele on alustatud köögiviljaaiaga ning plaan on laiendada tegevust iluaianduse ja mahepõllumajanduse poole.
48The farm is currently active with decorative plants and with establishing greenbelts. More and more we plan to grow organic fruits and vegetables. According to a profession the farmer has a degree of gardener, landscaper and arborist. She has also been a lecturer of those professions in different vocational schools.
49We are a hobby-organic farm in Southern Estonia, near Puka (50 km from Tartu and 40km from Latvian border). Ours is a beautiful old farm site, readily accessible yet away from major roads and next to a small lake on a wavy landscape near big forests. We have a flock of Lleyn sheep, ducks, hens, rabbits, and bees. We also have an orchard, a greenhouse, a blueberry field and a veggie field.
50We are running a cattle ranch with 300 free grazing Hereford and Highland cattle on Pakri islands 50 km west of Tallinn. Our values are based on old Estonian and Swedish farming traditions in combination with modern ecological principals. We are proud and grateful to continue the work on the islands and to produce high quality food for the Baltic Region as well as preserving the old historical agricultural landscapes and traditions for the future.
51Hõbeda kitsefarm on pereettevõte, mis alustas kitsepidamisega 2015 aasta kevadel. Käesoleval hetkel on farmis 31 lüpsikitse ja kasvamas on veel 20 kitsetüdrukut. Lüpstud piimast teeme põhiliselt juustu, käeoleval hetkel ca 300 kg kuus ning suveper
52Talu asub maalilisel maastikul Otepää looduspargis. Tegeleme turismi ja põllumajandusega. Talus on loomad (kanad, jänesed, kass). Lisaks põhiviljale kanepile kasvatame ka köögi-, puu-, aedvilju ja marju. Meie suure pere kõik liikmed on hästi sõb

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29. detsembril toimus Wwoof liikmete pühadelõuna Marta kohvikus Tallinnas.

Laupäeva, 14. märtsil 2015 sai Wwoof Eesti 8. aastaseks. Wwoofi asutamise idee idee sai küpseks keskkonnatudengite teaduskonverentsil Talveakadeemia 2007.

5. detsembril aset leidnud Wwoof Eesti liikmete jõulupeo käigus valmisid postkaardid meie toredatele wwoof taludele! Sel aastal oli põhjust lausa 41 kaarti meisterdada!!:)

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